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Medical Services. Safety First.

If you wish your child/scout to receive ANY medication during camp, the New York regulation requires written permission from your health care provider and parent.  This includes all prescriptions and/or over the counter medications.  This written permission must be renewed annually.

Medical Forms

Important Notice: National has released a NEW Medical Form that took effect in 2010.

General Items

  • Camp medical personnel may include registered nurses (RN), licensed professional nurses (LPN), and emergency medical technicians (EMT).
  • Medical Lodge is established on the camp with several beds.
  • Medical personnel will provide basic first aid (e.g., treat cuts, scrapes, insect bites, etc).
  • Medical personnel can administer medication, including shots such as allergy shots, where campers already have prescriptions, but Medical personnel do not write or fill prescriptions.
  • Any serious injuries (e.g., broken bones) are referred to local hospitals.
  • For invoices received from local hospitals and other providers for more serious cases, BSA may assist with filling a claim with Omaha or another insurance carrier (for example, a Scout official may sign the claim form to verify the participant's coverage).
  • All campers are screened for medical conditions, and alerts are issued if any medical problems (e.g., asthma, seizures) are identified. The paper history is sent home with the camper.
  • State law dictates the type of treatment provided at camp.
  • All medical services provided by BSA are paid for by BSA. BSA does not bill for any of these services.
  • Medical personnel treat campers regardless of whether they have insurance coverage.
  • BSA keeps a written log of treatment provided. No medical records are kept or transmitted electronically.

Health log:  all visits to the health lodge will be recorded as follows in proper bound log book:  camper, staff, visitor.  The log will show the following:  date and time of visit.  Scouts name and troop number.  Type of injury of illness.  Treatment given.  Any instructions for follow up.  The log book will be checked on a daily basis by camp director.

Emergency medical care agreements:  The BSA requires that arrangements for emergency medical transportation and care be set up annually.  These arrangements must be confirmed in writing.  Arrangements are made with Fox Hospital, Milford and Schenevus fire departments and emergency squads.

Emergency transportation:  Transportation of sick or injured campers can be effected by Scoutmasters cars or there are 4-6 cars of adult camp staff that can be used to transport to the hospital.

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