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Safety at Henderson

Buddy System

The buddy system should be used at all times in camp.  This is especially important when fishing or hiking camp trails.


All visitors must sign-in and out at the administration building (see map)

Smoking Restrictions

In keeping with a national policy established in 1993 by the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America, Otschodela Council Camp facilities are now smoke-free.

All buildings or facilities under the control of Henderson Scout Reservation are designated as non-smoking facilities.  Smoking outside entrance/exit doors is not permitted at any location.  In addition, all Scouting functions, meetings, and activities are conducted on a smoke-free basis with permitted smoking areas located away from all participants.  A smoking area near the dining hall is provided.

Included in this policy are smokeless tobacco products.  Smokeless tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and snuff shall not be used or displayed at Scouting activities or a t buildings and facilities under the control of the Council.

Campfire Control and Procedure

Program Director is responsible for creating and monitoring program camp wide campfires, and Scoutmasters for village campfires.

Clean the fire site down to bare soil, and then remove all burnable material from the ground around it.  The cleaned circle should be about 10 feet across.  Rake away pine needles, leaves, twigs and anything else that might catch fire from a flying ember.  Save the ground cover so you can put it back when you are done with your fire.  Keep a pot of water close to the fire for emergency use.

Camp Sanitation

  A.   Discourage the bringing of cookies, etc. from home.   B.   Discourage the storage of candy etc. in the campsite.   C.   Keep the campsite free from all types of food waste (take garbage to the shed daily).   D.   Don’t dispose of cook-out day scraps in the woods - take all garbage to the shed.   E.   Don’t let your boys put out food to “bait’ the raccoons and skunks.

 If you must store food at the site, store the food in a metal container - with a tight-fitting lid. We can cut down on the potential for contact with rabies if we don’t give the carriers a reason to be in the campsites.

Avoid contact with wildlife - any animal that does not act “normal” should be avoided - it is probably sick.  Any such animal should be left alone and the animal’s location should be reported to the Camp Director or Program Director immediately.

Tour of Camp

An opening day exploration tour of the program areas and central facilities is conducted for all Troops.  A map of camp is provided that includes central facilities, program areas, campsites, and locations of any hazardous or off-limit areas.

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