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Wildlife Saftey Plan

  1. Contact with all wild animals is to be avoided.  This is especially true of skunks, raccoons, and bats.  
  2. Contact with stray dogs and cats should be avoided.  
  3. It is the camp policy that NO food or garbage be left in the campsite overnight.        
    1. food should be placed in the Leader’s car or taken to kitchen for storage.        
    2. all garbage should be secured in the garbage shed before dark.  
  4. Campers and staff will be instructed:        
    1. do not attempt to capture or handle sick or orphaned wildlife.        
    2. avoid animals acting in a strange or unusual manner.
    3. avoid and be suspicious of daytime activity in raccoons, skunks, or bats. 

Report should be made to:            

  1. Camp Director            
  2. Camp Commissioner            
  3. Program Director            
  4. Camp Nurse  

A copy of DEC handout will be given to all Leaders and Camp Staff.

Fact Sheets about Henderson Wildlife

Rabies Information (PDF)

Crumhorn Lake Fish List (PDF)

Mammals List (PDF)

Amphibians & Reptiles (PDF)

Birds (PDF)

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