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Henderson Scout Reservation - FAQs

This page contains questions that are asked about Camp Henderson and going to Boy Scout Camp.

Top Questions Below, Also - See more FAQs for Parents.

All medications come to camp with a camp medication permission form. At Medical check in upon arrival, your son meets the nurse to review his medication. Medication is logged in and secured at the Health Lodge. The Scoutmaster is given a time schedule for all his scouts. If the scout does not get to the health lodge at the time of administration the Troop is notified to send him. Scouts with inhalers and epi pens can carry them after a review with the nurse at check in.

For the protection of all, each boy must have the completed health form indicated below. These forms are available from leaders, the Scout Service Center or below. If the boy needs medical attention, the parents are called immediately. Fill out all Sections any sections that do not apply put N/A.

Any scout taking prescription or ANY over-the-counter products must have the medication section on the annual medial form completed by the Health Care Provider and Parent.

ALL medications must be in the original container with the scouts name and troop number clearly marked.

ALL scout medication MUST be registered with the camp nurse at check-in.

  • lines on the Personal Health and Medical Record left blank.
  • Medications listed as being taken not brought to camp.
  • Outdated epi-pens and inhalers.
  • Medications not in their original container

The camp merit badge program concludes Friday at 4 PM. Anytime after that is the usual departure. The BBQ starts at 5:30 PM, Closing campfire at 7:30 PM and OA Ceremony at dark. Check with your Scoutmaster about when the Troop departure time might be. A Scout needs to check out with his leader before leaving camp at any time. Troops may elect to stay over till Saturday morning and have a light breakfast 7:30 AM - 8:00 AM.

The Culture. Many of the staff have served at camp for decades. Along with members of the staff that are college and high school students we have developed a culture that is the Scouting spirit, practices good teaching methods, and is fun. From the 11 year old Boy Scout to our 45 season Waterfront director. For 30 years we have accumulated good ideas from camps we see or hear about, and have retained them all.

This is a frequent question. 4th period (3:30-5pm) and evenings are filled with hikes, fishing, sports, outpost, open areas, COPE and conservation projects. Boys will choose among all of these and often a Troop has scouts and leaders in many directions at once. It does take both youth and adult organization. We view having too much to do as a good “problem” to have.

A parent can visit a child at any time at any Scouting activity. When it comes to camp it often is best to ask the Scout Leader when is the best time for their Troop. Often Troops invite parents to supper on cookout day, the Order of the Arrow Ceremony, or other time when the Troop may be gathered together.

Yes, if there is still room in the class. It is best to do it through your leader at the Leaders meeting one week before you arrive. If not, on arrival is possible and during the week if you determine the badge does not fit your needs.

Yes, let us know you are coming; tickets will be sold at the meal.

The Friday Pork Bar-B-Q is a 5:30 pm campwide dinner with parents and guests. Tickets are sold when Troops arrive on Sunday to family members and guests. A limited number of tickets may be available on site at the dinner. Children under 12 would purchase a childs ticket.

Same as the phone number

84 inch steel Army Surplus (WWII and Korea),made in America and loaned out as period stage props

Not at this time (2008)

A scout may register at any time for camp.

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