Henderson Boy Scout Reservation

Sample Equipment List

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Please speak with your son’s Scoutmaster regarding equipment requirements. Get the full list here

Additionally, equipment can be purchased as a kit online and picked up when you arrive at camp. Click here for more information.

___ Completed BSA Health Form REQUIRED
___ Mess Kit and utensils
___ Mattress cover or sheet
___ Extra shorts or pants
___ Extra Shirts
___ Daily change or underwear & socks
___ Bathing suit
___ Rain gear
___ Pajamas
___ Sweater or jacket
___ Sneakers or moccasins
___ Sleeping bag or three warm blankets
___ Pillow
___ Footlocker, duffel bag or pack
___ Toothbrush and toothpaste
___ Soap in container
___ Hand towels and bath towels
___ Shower clogs, flip flops, or sandals
___ Comb and brush
___ Flashlight and batteries
___ Scout Handbook
___ Pen/pencil and paper
___ Scout uniform
___ Comfortable hiking shoes
___ Insect repellent
 Recommended Optional Items:
___ Work gloves
___ Laundry Bag
___ Canteen
___ Bible or prayer book
___ Individual first aid kit
___ Camera and film
___ Clothes hangers
___ Nature guides, books, etc.
___ Fishing tackle and pole
___ Steel Mirror