Ups And Downs Teljes Film Magyarul【1937】[HD-Filmek]

Rating: 6.3
Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs Teljes Film Magyarul June Daily, daughter of stockbroker J. C. Daily, is engaged to father’s assistant Richard Burton, but is enamored of tap-dancing elevator operator Hal Smith. J.C. has a hot tip on stock for the Upsadaisy Elevator Company. When Richard goes out of town, June invites Hal to dinner with J.C. J.C. is no snob, and seizes the opportunity to ask an “expert” about Upsadaisy Elevators. Hal gives them a ringing endorsement, and J.C. buys all the stock he can get. When Richard learns this, he breaks his engagement to June, thinking J.C. has gone broke. But the stock flourishes, and J.C. introduces Hal as his new partner and future son-in-law. Lots of songs and dance in 21 minutes.

  • Kiadás: 1937-10-09
  • Termelés: Warner Bros. Pictures /
  • Megjelenési dátum:US 1937-10-09
  • A film költségvetése:$0.00
  • Wiki Page: and Downs
  • Műfaj: Music

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Mit mondanak az emberek Ups and Downs film

Directeur de film et équipage derrière Ups and Downs

  • Roy Mack/Director
  • Jack Henley/Story
  • Cyrus Wood/Story

Ups and Downs – Filmszínészek és színésznő

  • June Allyson/June Daily
  • Phil Silvers/Charlie
  • Hal Le Roy/Hal Smith
  • Toni Lane/Singer
  • Fred Hillebrand/Fred
  • Reed Brown Jr./

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